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to corporate tax reforms would be to say if you invest overseas, you make profits overseas, as you did not have to pay u.s. taxes. of course, if you're a small business, or a big business, you have to pay even the reduced rate governor romney is talking about. that will create 800,000 jobs, the problem is they will be in china. or india. or germany. that is not the way we will create jobs. the way we will create jobs is not just to change our tax code, but also to double our exports. we are on pace to double our exports. that is why we have kept on pushing trade deals, but trade deals that make sure american workers and businesses are getting a good deal. governor romney talk about china. the private sector, governor
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romney's company invested in pioneers of outsourcing. that is not my phrase. that is what reporters called it. as far as currency manipulation, the currency has gone up 11% since i have been present because we have pushed them hard. we have put unprecedented trade pressure on china. that is why exports significantly increased under my presidency. babel helped to create jobs here. >> we had -- that will help to create jobs here. >> the iphone, ipad, they're all manufactured in china. labor is so much cheaper. how do you convince a great american company to bring that manufacturing back here? >> the answer is very straightforward. we could compete with anyone in the world as long as the playing field is level. china has been cheating over the years.
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by stealing our intellectual property. there is even an apple store in china that is a counterfeit to apple store but they happen to our computers. i will have to have people play on a fair basis. attrac place for people who most want to expand a business. that is what brings jobs. president characterization of my tax plan is completely false. >> let me go to the president because we're running out of time. can we ever -- >> there are some jobs that will not come back. dara low-wage, low skill jobs. i want high-wage, high skilled jobs. that is why we have to emphasize manufacturing. that is our be have to invest in the advance manufacturing. that is why we have to have the best science and research in the world. if we're adding to our deficit for tax cuts for folks to do not
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need them and we are cutting investment in research and science, and create the next new innovation, we will lose that race. if we're not training engineers to make sure that they are equipped in this country, companies will not come here. those investments are what will help to make sure that we continue to leave this world economy 10 years from now, 100 years from now. >> government does not create jobs. >> i think this is a tough question. what do you believe is the biggest misperception that the american people have about you as a man and a candidate? can you take this opportunity to
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debunk that misperception and set us straight? >> thank you. in the nature of the campaign, it seems some campaigns are focused on attacking a person rather than prescribing their own future. i think the president's campaign has tried to characterize me as someone who is very different than you like them. i care about 100% of the american people. i want 100% of the american people to have a bright future. i care about our kids. i understand what it takes to make a bright and prosperous future for america again. i spent my life in the private sector, not in government. i want to help the american people. my passion flows from the thought that i believe in god. i believe we're all children of the same god. i believe we have a responsibility to care for one another. i served as a missionary for my
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church, served as a pastor in my congregation for 10 years. i've sat across the table who were out of work and work with them to try to find new work. i went to the olympics when they were in trouble. as governor of my state, i was able to get 100% of my people insured. i was able to better schools ranked number 1 in the nation. -- did our schools ranked number 1 in the nation. i can get this country on track again. we do not have to settle for what we are going through. we do not have to settle for gasoline at $4. we do not have to settle for unemployment and a chronically high level. we did not have to settle for 50% of kids coming out of college not been able to get work. we do not have to settle for 23 million people struggling to find a good job. if i become president, i will
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get america working again. to come i will make sure we can reform medicare and social security to preserve them for coming generations. the president said he would, he did not. i've done these things. i served as governor and should like to get them done. >> mr. president, the last two minutes belong to you. >> i think all lot of this campaign may be over the last four years has been devoted to this notion that i think the government creates jobs and that is somehow the answer. that is not what i believe. i believe the free enterprise system is the greatest engine of prosperity the world has ever known. i believed in self-reliance. individual initiative and risk takers been rewarded. i also believe that everybody should have a fair shot. everybody should do their fair share and everybody should play by the same rules.
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that is our economy grows. that is how we build the world's greatest middle-class. that is part of what is at stake at this -- in this election. i believe governor romney is a good man. he loves his family and cares about his fate. i also believe -- cares about his faith. when he said behind closed doors that 47% of the country considered themselves the victims who refused personal responsibility, think about who he was talking about. folks on social security will avert all their lives, veterans who sacrificed for this country, students trying to advance their own dreams, soldiers overseas fighting force right now. people who are working hard every day but did not make
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enough income. i want to fight for them. that is what i have been doing for the last four years. if they succeed, the country succeeds. when my grandfather fought in world war ii and he came back and he got a gi bill, that was not a handout. that was something that advance the entire country. i want to make sure the next generation has the same opportunities. that is why i'm asking for your vote and for another four years. >> president obama, governor romney, thank you for being here tonight. we have come to an end of this town hall debates. [applause] the final debate takes place monday night at lynn university. do not forget to watch. election day is 3 vix from today. good night. -- three weeks from today. the night.
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-- good night. >> the two stood sometimes arms apart. they scolded each other, they corrected each other, they even played timekeeper and tried to overrule the moderator. one website called this the fight, and it was. president obama said the governor's tax plan is a sketchy and deal. governor romney told the president, do not talk over me.
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if you're one of those it was concerned the president was not calling out tall tales, from his perspective, and he said that governor romney was not telling the truth. five different times. if he wanted more aggressive, tonight you got it. they delivered. before the debate opened --
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before the debate ended, the obama campaign rushed in here. the president did call it terrorism and that rose garden address. reporters immediately went to the transcript looking for all of that. the president did say that no active terrorism will intimidate the u.s., but he did not call the act and act of terrorism. the obama campaign is saying this is the candidate of the voters elected in 2008 and his back tonight. >> i been looking at the twitter responses from across the political universe. it looks like if you are an r, like what your guy did. if you are a d, you like what
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your guy did. >> this debate did not move the needle very much. it showed a liberal democrats that president obama is ready to fight. mittmitt romney was trying to py a lot of those attacks. >> our coverage continues on the fox broadcasting work on beyond, right after this.
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>> debate number 2 for the presidential candidate is in the bucks. a decidedly different president
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obama tonight. democrats complained the president was a little too soft in the first and a hope he would come not aggressively tonight. if your idea of a good debate is to a man standing up sometimes in each other's personal space are doing on top of each other, sometimes with, sometimes against the moderator, tonight was a night for you. next is foreign-policy. continuing coverage on the station and your late local news. news. . >> good evening, i'm frank some mer ville. it was president obama versus
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mitt romney part 2. with democrats and republican voters. eric rasmussen and the town hall face off? a big question tonight would president obama bounce back from what many consider a lackluster perform man's. started with a shot at romney's five point plan. >> governor romney doesn't have a five point plan. he wants to make sure that the folks at the top play by a separate set of rules. >> that's why i put a five point plan that gets america 12 million new jobs in four years. >> despite a count down clock over the shoulders, long answers limited the number of questions from the audience but there was plenty of spirited back and forth between the two candidates over energy policy
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and drilling for oil. >> if you want to drill on public lands, you use it or lose it. so we can actually make a profit. >> and production on government land is down. >> no, it isn't. >> it is down 14%. >> governor -- >> it is just not true. >> both governor romney and president obama spent significant time answering about equality for women. they faced off again when a woman asked romney how he was different from president george bush. >> i will get us to a balanced budget. president bush didn't. president obama was right, he said it was outrageous. he was right. but then he put deficits in twice that size. >> the center piece of his economic plan are tax cuts. that's what took us from surplus to deficit. >> of course, another
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significant part of this debate tonight focused on the recent attack on lib i can't and the death of chris stevens. channel 12. >> debate watchers are weighing in on two candidates performances tonight. live with the democratic reaction to tonight's debate? frank, about 100 people were here to watch the debate tonight. there was quite a bit of applause for the president. it is a room full of democrats. they did seem to appreciate more of the tow to tow exchanges between the former governor romney. some high fives on one of the occasions when president obama accused romney of not telling the truth of his plan. let's talk to some of the people here who were watching the debate. shelly, you are running for a
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supervisor. you are a democratic candidate. what are your thoughts. >> it was great to see the president come out and really talk about his policies and what he has done and what he has been successful in over the last four years. for me as a local candidate, i'm really excited to hear him continuing to talk about healthcare reform and how it will affect us here locally. >> do you feel he was more combative tonight. >> definitely. he absolutely responded and talked about what he had done. he didn't let things go by and let us know the work he did for our country. >> if we can talk to one more person. you are a democratic candidate as well. your thoughts tonight. >> i'm running for san ma day yow commissioner. it was great for obama. it was more of a town hall format. and i think he thrives in that environment. it had a fies tie edge do that
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and i appreciated that. i think the crowd got excited and i think we are all feeling a huge sigh of relief that he did well tonight. >> that's some of the democratic reaction to the debate. send it back to you. >> ken, thank you. in walnut creek where republican voters gathered to watch the debate? they believe romney had a strong showing. folks are filing out of the room right now where they have been watching about 50, 70 people gathered here he it walnut creek at the gop watch party. here is their reaction starting first with the chair of the democratic party. >> i think romney did great. he was very presidential. he is so very measured. i think he gave voters the comfort they needed to see against someone who is going up
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against someone whose policies have failed. he. >> he is clearly makes his points. >> i think they are making good jabs and holding their own. the issue is to look at what are they saying and it is which one -- instead of continuing over the path that has failed over the last four years. >> that was the chair of the state gop party that we heard from initially. again, spirited reaction from this group especially to mitt romney's comments that he plans to reduce taxes from the middle class and about 60, 70 people here. a lot of folks feel like it went well and we are live here in walnut creek. >> how will you vote, take the ktvu election quiz. like the ktvu page on facebook and you will find the quiz right below our cover photo. >> the president and mitt
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romney addressed the issue of security. a direct question about the killing of four americans in the libya embassy. >> investigate exactly what happened. regardless of where the facts lead us. to make sure that people are accountable and it doesn't happen again. number 3, we are going to find out who did this and we will hunt them down. >> when we have four americans killed there, when apparently we didn't know what happened. that the president the day after that happened flies to las vegas for a political fundraiser and then to the next day to colorado for another political event. i think these actions taken by a president and leader have symbol lick significance. >> all of this comes one day after secretary of state hillary clinton says she he took full responsibility for the attack. president obama added in the end mrs. clinton works for him
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and he takes full responsibility. a memorial service was held today for stevens. he grew up here in the bay area and his siblings spoke of him not only as an ambassador but also as a brother. >> he was my closest mentor. it is not just important who your mother and father is but it is very important who your big brother is and we had the very best. >> his brother also joked about chris' early development of his dip mat particular skills. >> such were the powers that he had that he convinced me as a five-year-old to do the following, number 1, put on my clothing, number 2, put on a ski mask and number 3, streak through the neighbor's family room. >> their youngest sister also
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shared fond memories. >> hundreds of mourners attended from around the world to honor the life of stevens. more on that emotional tribute? ambassador stevens had strong ties. they had tonight at city hall ranged from international -- the crowd heard from former us secretary of state george shultz, representative and the libyian ambassador to the united states. his family contacted charlotte shultz about holding this proceeding. >> this is a seat of government and he did serve our
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government. >> >> he was a full effective participant in his be loved democracy. >> he talk with the people. he meet with the people. he know they suffer. >> we also heard tonight from retired us ambassador -- he is heading up the state department panel investigating stevens death in libya. >> we are not in a position to comment on that because we are in the middle of that kind of an investigation. that is continuing on. >> we are told that the event was paid by for by steven's family with city workers donating their time tonight. another memorial ceremony on the east coast is also planned in the near future for ambassador stevens. channel 2 news? and has complete
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coverage of the memorial. cap sized one of its biggest multi million dollars america's racing boats today. this is new video into the news room stie moment the boat flipped over. news chopper 2 was overhead as the coast guard and/or keel -- the boat cap sized inside the golden gate just before 4pm. the tide was going out the golden gate and pulling the boat with it. >> did president obama makeup lost ground during tonight's presidential debate. coming up tonight on the 10:00 o'clock news, we will break it down and ask voters if mitt romney came out again on top? the giants are preparing for game 3 tomorrow. it is an afternoon game. you can watch here tomorrow and
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following the game we will have a special edition of the news. >> and an update from bruce about the -- that everyone is afraid he injuried his hip. >> thank you for trusting us ktvu news.
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oh, hi, there. (soft chuckle) i've been put in a nursing home. oh, you didn't know that? who is she talking to? i don't know. she's losing it. yesterday, she said she won an oscar and slept with warren beatty. i guess you're wondering how i got here. well, it all started a long, long time ago, when the harlem globetrotters played their first game in hinckley, illinois, and after the game, a very sweet, nice woman made her way onto the bus

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